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Student-Created Open Textbooks

March 27, 2009

Students at the University of Washington are creating their own open textbooks under the guidance of Desouza, an assistant professor in the Information School.  For details, see their iNews newsletter.

The project is featured on the WorldChanging Seattle website as well as in the Seattle Times.  View a video about the student experience of creating a textbook.


Study Habits Project OER

March 23, 2009

During the past year Kenneth Leroy Busbee of the Computer Science Technology Department, Central College, Houston Community College System has completed a project involving study habits using 3×5 cards. The PowerPoint presentations used in that project have been modified and are usable by most students. He has created additional PowerPoint presentations in support of study habits that help build memory.

Those materials have been organized into a Connexions module titled: Study Habits that Build the Brain. The Study Habits that Build the Brain has been placed into a Connexions collection of several modules that can be used as support materials for any college course. The materials are available under the open educational resources (OER) or open courseware concept. Links to the materials are provided and all professors and counselors are invited to refer students to the materials as appropriate. Collection in total:

Appendix Materials for College Courses


Physics Flexbook

March 21, 2009

CK12 has launched a Flexbook titled 21st Century Physics FlexBook: A Compilation of Contemporary and Emerging Technologieswith an open license under Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike

Several members from Virginia’s K-12 physics community along with university and industry volunteers developed the 11 chapter book in just 4 months.  Each chapter has been peer reviewed.

Virginia officials define a Flexbook as, “an adaptive, web–based set of instructional materials, is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike (CC–BY–SA) and thus can be used as is, used in part, or enhanced by teachers based on their curriculum and classroom needs.” 


Emerging Tech for Learning

March 19, 2009

Read about the new Handbook of Emerging Technologies for Learning in today’s Wired Campus:

“To help get colleges thinking about how they might adapt their teaching styles to the new ways students absorb and process information, Mr. Siemens and Peter Tittenberger, director of the center, have created a Web-based guide, called the Handbook of Emerging Technologies for Learning.  

Taking their own advice, they have outfitted the handbook with a wiki function that will allow readers to contribute their own additions.  In the its introduction, the handbook declares the old pedagogical model—where the students draw their information primarily from textbooks, newspapers, and their professors—dead. 

Students are forced to develop new ways of making sense of this flood of information fragments.  But Mr. Siemens said that colleges had been slow to appreciate this fact.”


Open Writing Textbook Project

March 14, 2009

Writing Spaces: Readings on Writing is a new textbook series seeking proposals for essays for the composition classroom.  Upon publication, individual essays and a full electronic version of the first volume will be available for free download from the Writing Spaces’ website.  Teachers may upload these onto their course management websites or integrate them into course packs–royalty free.  Each volume of Writing Spaces: Readings on Writing will contain peer-reviewed collections of essays all composed by teachers for students, freely available for download under a Creative Commons license.

Volumes in Writing Spaces: Readings on Writing will offer multiple perspectives on a wide-range of topics about writing.  Proposals are due by April 10, 2009 and are to be submitted online via the Writing Spaces website.

For more information about the Writing Spaces book series or other questions, please take a look at the materials on our website,, or contact the editors:


Open Textbook Class Project

March 1, 2009

At Oregon State University, students in Professor Burke’s ME518 class are collaborating to create an open textbook on Concurrent Engineering using WikiBooks.  

[from WikiBooks News]


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