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Wanna author an open textbook?

January 15, 2011

From “Free Books: Why Not?” by Allen B. Downey –

Reasons to consider authoring a free textbook and suggestions about how…

  • A free license is not just a different way to distribute the same product; a book with a free license is a fundamentally different product.
  • Free books beget more free books in a way that conventional books don’t. Free books turn readers into writers.

An example is Learning Perl The Hard Way distributed by Green Tea Press.


Free E-Textbooks

February 26, 2010

The National Association of College Stores is experimenting with distributing open textbooks via epub.  Their pilot digital delivery program is operational at approximately 60 colleges and universities including Anne Arundel Community College Bookstore. offers over 200 literature titles as free open licensed content that are digitally enhanced using the epub format and can be read using PC and MAC computers and many of the EBook reading devices.


CSU Affordable Learning Solutions

February 19, 2010

California State University recently launched its Affordable Learning Solutions Campaign to assist faculty with use of quality educational content that is more affordable for their students.  

The Affordable Learning Solutions website provides information about:

  • Free course content
  • Free textbooks
  • Lower cost textbooks
  • Library resources
  • Authoring content
  • Accessibility
  • Sharing practices for using no/low cost digital content in CSU courses
  • Recognizing faculty for their efforts in reducing costs for students

If you are already using no-cost or low-cost content in your classes, consider sharing your practices with your colleagues. 


Sandra Day O’Connor on Textbooks

December 16, 2009

When asked what textbook she would write, Sandra Day O’Connor saidIt would not be a textbook: it would be a website.”  See her website at http://ourcourts.orgSandra Day O’Connor is the current Chancellor of the College of William and Mary and a former Supreme Court Justice.

What textbook would you write?


Open Textbooks and the Revolution?

November 3, 2009

Gary Matkin, Dean of Continuing Education at University of California, Irvine, critiques the current status of the open textbook development in the context of  educational change in his March 2009 paper titled:  Open Learning:  What Do Open Textbooks Tell Us About the Revolution in Education?  He asserts that the shift from traditional to openly available digitized textbooks represents “the most profound challenge that educators have ever faced.”



Peer-reviewed Open Textbooks

September 29, 2009

Peer reviews of open textbooks are now available from the Community College Open Textbook Collaborative.


Smarthistory: Art History Conversation (2009)


Core Concepts of Marketing: A Global Text (2008)
Electronic Commerce: The Strategic Perspective (2008)
eMarketing,The Essential Guide to Online Marketing, 2nd edition (2008)
Principles of Management (2009)

Computer Science

Basic Computing Using Windows
Introduction to Computer Science (2009)
Quick Start to Excel 2002 (XP) (1998-2003)


RSS Feed for the unit Key skill assessment unit: Problem Solving (2007)
The Theory and Practice of Online Learning (2nd ed.) 
Common Wisdom: Peer Production of Educational Materials (2005)


A First Course in Electrical and Computer Engineering

English and Composition

Online Technical Writing
Key skill assessment: Communication (2007)
Electronic Literature Collection Volume 1 (2006)
Methods of Discovery: A Guide to Research Writing

Languages and Communications

Spanish I (2009)


USA Literature in Brief (2007)


Understanding Algebra
Applied Finite Mathematics
Collaborative Statistics
Collaborative Statistics: Custom Version
Dimensions (Geometry)
Elementary Algebra
Free High School Math Texts, Grade 10 (2008)
Fundamentals of Mathematics
Intermediate Algebra (2007)
Vector Calculus


Psychology: A student Friendly Approach (2004)


Calculus-Based Physics I


Free eTextbooks at Queen’s Univ

September 26, 2009

Campus bookstore website links students to free textbooks used in Queen’s University courses.   Find out details from Jeff Young’s article “College Bookstores Hope to Turn Their Web Sites Into E-Book Portals” in The Wired Campus.


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