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May 14: A Primer on Open Licenses and Intellectual Property – How to Share and Remix Legally and Easily

May 2, 2014

Please join the Community College Consortium (CCCOER) at the Open Education Consortium for a free webinar on how to share and remix open educational resources and open textbooks.

Date: Wednesday, May 14, 2014
Time: 2 pm Eastern / 11 am Pacific


When we create, copy, or otherwise use instructional materials, copyright law is somehow present, whether or not it is visible. With copyright law, the things that a person creates are copyrighted by default at the time of creation. Others who want to copy, adapt, or build on that work need permission of the copyright owner for each use. That is true even for content that is publicly available on the Internet. For those who want to encourage others to use and build on their work, open licenses are one method to increase the impact and reach of your work by letting others know, in simple language, how they can use it, all while retaining your copyright. There are two practical reasons for using open licenses. First, open licenses signal your intent that you encourage others to use and share your creations under some minimal conditions. Second, open licenses enable others to make marginal improvements or enhancements.

After the presentation, participants will be able to:

  • Understand how copyright affects them as producers and consumers of educational content
  • Understand how copyright implications differ in the classroom setting versus public settings, such as public websites
  • Define the motivations for and different types of intellectual property: copyright, trademarks, patents, and trade secrets.
  • Define the three qualities of open content such as Open Educational Resources (OER)
  • Explain the basics of the Creative Commons licensing scheme
  • Identify, classify, and label third-party content contained within educational materials


About the presenter:
Ms. Kathleen Ludewig Omollo is the International Program Manager for the Office of Enabling Technologies within University of Michigan Medical School Information Services. She has been part of the Open.Michigan initiative at University of Michigan since 2008. Kathleen was a member of the dScribe pilot program at the School of Information – a distributed model for creating open educational resources (OER). Through that experience, Kathleen developed great fascination with copyright as well as an interest in the worldwide use, adaptation, and impact of OER in across different contexts and cultures. In her subsequent roles, Kathleen has explored policy, design, and technological processes to locate, create, distribute, adapt, integrate, and assess OER. She has conducted dozens of workshops and has advised joint open education activities between University of Michigan and partner universities in Ghana, South Africa, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Liberia.

Participant Login Information:

No pre-registration is necessary.  Please use the link below on the day of the webinar to login and listen.


FOR ASSISTANCE: CCC Confer Client Services – Monday – Friday between 8:00 am – 4:00 pm
Telephone: 760-744-1150 ext 1537, 1554 or 1542

If you need dial-in access, you may use the following number:
1-888-886-3951 (passcode: 549615)

Posted by Una Daly, Director of Community College Outreach


March 12: Celebrate Open Education Week with Community College OER Showcases

March 4, 2014

Please join the Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources (CCCOER) for three free webinars on Wednesday, openeducationweek14March 12 to celebrate Open Education Week.  Each webinar features multiple innovative community college OER projects from Washington, Oregon, Arizona, California, and Virginia.  Hear from faculty, librarians, program managers, deans, and curriculum developers involved in college-wide, district-wide, and state-wide projects to support the adoption of OER and open textbooks to expand access and enhance teaching and learning.

Community College OER Showcases:  Washington’s OER Faculty Training and Lane College’s OER Faculty Fellowship Program


This webinar starts at 11:00 am (PDT), 2:00 pm (EDT) and will showcase two innovative OER faculty development projects at U.S. community colleges in Washington and Oregon. Login:

Boyoung Chae, Program Manager of Open Education and eLearning, at the Washington State Board of Community and Technical colleges will demonstrate the public online faculty training course: “How to Use Open Educational Resources”.

Jen Klaudinyi, Reference and Instruction Librarian, will give an overview of Lane Community College’s award winning faculty professional development initiative that incentivizes instructors to adopt OER.

Community College OER Showcases: Maricopa Millions OER Project, Kaleidoscope at Cerritos College, and Northern Virginia’s OER-based General Education Program


This webinar starts at noon (PDT), 3:00 pm (EDT) and will showcase three innovative OER projects at U.S. community colleges in Arizona, California, and Virginia.  Login:

Paul Golisch, Dean of Instructional Technology, Paradise Valley College will share the strategies and successes of the Maricopa Millions OER Project, a district-wide effort to promote faculty development and adoption of OER for the 10 highest-enrolled courses.

Dr. Cynthia Alexander, Distance Education Coordinator and Educational Technology Department Chair will share the Kaleidoscope OER course development and adoptions at Cerritos College.

Natalie Clewell, Librarian at the Extended Learning Institute of Northern Virginia Community College, will share the team-based approach of librarians, faculty, and instruction designers working together to successfully launch the OER-based General Education Program in fall 2013.


Community College OER Showcases: Scottsdale College’s OER Math Program and Tacoma College’s Liberate Project


This webinar starts at 1:00 pm (PDT), 4:00 pm (EDT) and will showcase two innovative OER projects at U.S. community colleges in Arizona and Washington State.  Login:   [fixed login 3/07/2014]

Dr. Donna Gaudet, Mathematics Department Chair at Scottsdale Community College in Arizona will share the three-year odyssey of developing and adopting OER for all the math curriculum from arithmetic through pre-calculus.  Results presented will include the cost savings and feedback from students on using the new materials.

Quill West, OER Project Director, has lead the Liberate Project at Tacoma Community College in Washington since 2011 promoting OER awareness and adoption among faculty and students.  The project saved students an estimated $271,000 in textbook costs in the first nine months and encourages student advocacy in OER selection and adoption.



Dec. 11: California Community Colleges Share It Forward with CC-BY Licensing

November 26, 2013

California Community Colleges

In fall of 2013, the California Community Colleges became the largest system of higher education in the world to require a Creative Commons Attribution license on works created through publicly funded grants and contracts.  Please join the Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources (CCCOER) on Wed, December 11, 11:00 am (Pacific) for a webinar on what motivated the chancellor’s office to take this bold step, how the change affects the work of faculty and staff in the California system, and the potential benefits to be realized by students and taxpayers.

  • Cable Green, Director of Global Learning, Creative Commons leads the global effort to expand access to education through promotion of open policies, open licenses, and open educational resources around the world. Prior to Creative Commons, Cable lead the Open Course Library project where community and technical college faculty and staff in Washington developed openly licensed courses for the 81 highest enrolled college courses.
  • Barbara Illowsky, Academic Affairs, California Community College Chancellor’s Office and Math Faculty at De Anza College lead the effort to make this policy transformation ensuring that all stakeholders at the Chancellor’s office understood the potential cost reductions in making publicly funded work available freely to faculty and their students.  Barbara is co-author of the popular open textbook, Collaborative Statistics.
  • Beth Smith, President of California Community College Academic Senate and Math Faculty at Grossmont College represents 50,000 college faculty and their approximately 2.5 million students they teach as head of California’s academic senate.  Beth will share what this new policy means for faculty within the system including how it expands access to high-quality, openly licensed, low-cost materials that can enhance teaching and learning.

Participant Login Information:

No pre-registration is necessary. Please click on link below on the day of the webinar to login and listen.


FOR ASSISTANCE: CCC Confer Client Services – Monday – Friday between 8:00 am – 4:00 pm
Telephone: 760-744-1150 ext 1537, 1554 or 1542

If you need dial-in access, you may use the following number:
1-888-886-3951 (passcode: 604368)

Posted by Una Daly, Director of Community College Outreach


Nov 13: Fostering Open Policies on Your Campus and Beyond

November 4, 2013

Please join the Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources (CCCOER) on Wed, Nov 13, noon Pacific, 3:00 pm EST for a Come In, We're Openwebinar on fostering open policies on your campus and beyond.  OER leaders from Tacoma Community College, Maricopa Community College District, and Creative Commons will share their strategies for successfully growing open educational policies and practices.

Archive and Slides Now Available!!

  • Paul Stacey, Associate Director of Global Learning, Creative Commons leads efforts to encourage use and development of openly licensed learning materials to expand access to education worldwide.  Prior to Creative Commons, Paul lead the Online Program Development Fund at BCcampus in British Columbia awarding millions of grant dollars to open and collaborative educational projects in Canada and the U.S. for nearly a decade.
  • Quill West, OER Project Director Tacoma Community College, WA holds the first OER position created by students at her college.  Quill creates awareness and encourages faculty adoption of OER through curation of open educational resources and faculty mentoring. The project has saved students $360,000 in just over a year.
  • Lisa Young, Instructional Design Faculty at Scottsdale Community College, Maricopa Community College District AZ is co-chair of the OER Steering Committee to create and sustain OER throughout the district. Lisa has been teaching for twenty years and used “open” materials before they were referred to as such. Lisa will discuss some of the grass roots efforts that have been scaling up in a strategic fashion within the Maricopa Community Colleges.
  • James Glapa-Grossklag, President CCCOER Advisory, Dean at College of the Canyons will lead the panel discussion and share how innovative OER projects lead by College of the Canyons’ faculty are supported through open polices.

Participant Login Information:

No pre-registration is necessary. Please click on link below on the day of the webinar to login and listen.

Test Your Computer Readiness
FOR ASSISTANCE: CCC Confer Client Services – Monday – Friday between 8:00 am – 4:00 pm
Telephone: 760-744-1150 ext 1537, 1554 or 1542

If you need dial-in access, you may use the following number:
1-888-886-3951 (passcode: 358874)

Image licensed AttributionNoncommercialShare Alike Some rights reserved by Gary Simmons

Posted by Una Daly, Director of Community College Outreach


Libraries Lead the Way: Open Courses, Open Educational Resources, and Open Policies

September 19, 2013

Please join the Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources (CCCOER) on Wed, Oct 2, noon Pacific American Library Collection(3:00 pm EST) for a free, open webinar on how libraries are leading the way with Open Courses, Open Educational Resources, and Open Policies.  Three leaders who support students, faculty, and colleges through open educational policy and practice will be featured.

Dr. Patricia Profeta, Dean of Learning Resources at Indian River State College will share how she and other Florida State College librarians have developed open courses on information literacy and internet search to prepare students for college-level research.  These courses have been published in Florida’s Orange Grove repository with a Creative Commons license.

Donna Okubo, Senior Manager of Community Outreach and Advocacy, at Public Library of Science  (PLoS) will share their amazing collection of open science resources and journals that you can use in the classroom at your college.  PLoS has implemented a new publishing model to support scholarly authorship and allow public access to the peer-reviewed results.

Nicole Allen, OER Program Director at, Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC) of the Academic and Research Library (ARL) will share SPARC’s plan to broadens its advocacy from open research to include all open educational resources (OER).   Working with college libraries to extend their copyright expertise to include open policies is a critical component.

Participant Login Information:

No pre-registration is necessary. Please click on link below on the day of the webinar to login and listen.

Test Your Computer Readiness
FOR ASSISTANCE: CCC Confer Client Services – Monday – Friday between 8:00 am – 4:00 pm
Telephone: 760-744-1150 ext 1537, 1554 or 1542

If you need dial-in access, please contact me one-day prior.

Posted by Una Daly, Director of Community College Outreach


March 26 CCCOER Webinar: OER Authoring Tools

March 13, 2013
illuminate book cover

walters art museum illuminated manuscripts licensed cc-by-nc-sa

Please join the Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources (CCCOER) on Tuesday, March 26, 10:00 am (Pacific time) to hear about authoring tools available for developing open educational resources including web pages, ePub, and PDF formats.  This webinar will feature three different authoring tools that are being used to develop OER that can be made freely available.

Connexions Authoring Tool – Daniel Williamson, project manager of the OpenStax project at Connexions, will demonstrate the new Connexions repository authoring tool which provides a seamless development to distribution workflow for OER creation.

Pressbooks Authoring – Adrienne Watt, a Computer and Business instructor at both Douglas College and Northwest Community College in British Columbia will discuss and demonstrate the BCcampus Pressbooks platform that she and other instructors in British Columbia have used to develop open textbooks.

SoftChalk – Sue Evans, CEO and founder of SoftChalk, will demonstrate their award-winning eLearning content authoring tool and give us a tour of Softchalk cloud, their online community and learning object repository for sharing resources.

Participant Login Information:

There is no need to register in advance but please use the link below on the day of the webinar.  You may use a headset or dial-in over the phone if you would like to speak otherwise you can listen directly from your computer speakers and use the chat window.

Please click here to login to the webinar

Dial your telephone conference line: (888) 886-3951

Cell phone users dial: 913-312-3202

Enter your passcode: 753631


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OCW Consortium Global Conference 2012 Articles & Blog Posts

April 26, 2012

Several members of the CCCOER team attended the OCW Consortium Conference last week in Cambridge which represented

Cambridge University

Cambridge University

nearly 100 countries from six continents who are working together to make higher education and certifications available universally.  Please find some excellent media articles and blog posts that highlight this amazing experience:

 Building Schools out of Clicks not Bricks (NYTimes)

Open for Business? Why Universities Must Collaborate on Open Courseware (The Guardian, UK)

Open Education Part Of Broader Open Scholar Terrain, Laura Czerniewicz, Associate Professor, University of Capetown, South Africa

Cam12 Innovation and Impact from Joe Wilson, New Ventures at Scottish Qualifications Authority

Cam12 Keynotes, Backchannels, and Undercurrents fromLorna M. Campbell JISC CETIS Assistant Director


Update on Open Education Week and Innovations 2012

March 6, 2012

The first Open Education Week continues its second day and there are great webinars open all this week.  Remember that the schedule is in GMT so don’t forget to do the math to get your timezone, help on how to do it is on the page.

ALSO, we (CCCOER) will be having a webinar this Friday at 2:00 pm Pacific on the Importance of OpenCommunity College Consortium for Open Educational Resources for Community Colleges and will be presenting the many wonderful OER projects at community colleges. Please let me know if you would like to participate or can send some slides regarding your project.  Apologies for the late afternoon timing.

Yesterday, the Open Education media conference call with Martha Kanter, Undersecretary of Education; Cable Green, Creative Commons; and Anka Mulder, President of the OCW Consortium board, Richard Baraniuk, Rice University, and a Community College student from Los Angeles Community College district was recorded and can be found here.  The Open Society Institute OER video competition was announced on this call as well.

Quick update on Innovations 2012 and Open Education Week.   We had a great reception with Cathy Casserly, CEO of Creative Commons on Sunday afternoon at the Innovations 2012 conference.   Two college presidents and Chancellor Constance Carroll from San Diego Community College District attended. Cathy was the keynote speaker that evening and presented the amazing journey of open education and creative commons over the last ten years.  It has made the conversations at this conference with faculty and administrators about OER and open licenses much easier to have.

James Glapa-Grossklag’s and my round table discussion with faculty and administrators yesterday was well attended and although participants ranged from complete newbies to an instructional designer on the Open Course Library, it was a wonderful discussion from the economics of open policy, bookstore roles, why sharing statewide teacher education OER makes senses, role of librarians, NASA’s amazing educational resources, etc.  Also these folks hailed from New Jersey, Virginia, Colorado, Missouri, Wisconsin, etc which are all states that have not been represented at CCCOER before.

Finally, you can include your blog on OER at the Open Education Week site as well so you can share the great news about your projects with others interested in open education. Create a profile on the site and enter your blog address. Please use #openeducationwk for any tweets or tags.





Community Colleges and Open Education Week

March 1, 2012

Open Education Week Reception with Cathy Casserly, CEO Creative CommonsOpen Education Week is starting Monday, March 5 and I wanted to let you know about some of the webinars planned for Community College faculty, administrators, staff, and students. There are many other events planned besides the ones below and I encourage you to check them out so we can all benefit from learning about different approaches to open education. Full webinar listing here.

Tuesday is chock full of good webinars. Community college picks include:
• Geoff Cain and Wendy Riggs, Biology OERs at College of the Redwoods
• Candace Thille from Open Learning Initiative, An Open License is Not Enough-Data and Quality in OER.
• Jean Runyon, Anne Arundel, Adopting Bridge To Success OERs for your Educational Programs.
• Alana Harrington, Jennifer Shoop, Saylor Foundation; Mitchell Levy, OpenDoors; Introducing Saylor OERs to Community Colleges.

Wednesday picks:
• Todd Rose, CAST, Neuroscience, Learning and the Future of Education
• Nicole Allen, Student PIRGs, Open Education and Solving the Textbook Cost Crisis
• Richard Braniak, Daniel Williamson, Ed Woodward, OpenStaxCollege, High Quality Open Textbooks and Connexions.
• Cable Green, Creative Commons, The Obviousness of Open Policy

Thursday picks:
• Megan Simmons, OER in Action: New tools and use examples from ISKME’s OER Professional Development Program.
• Jutta Treviranus, OCAD University, Panel, Outside In – Achieving Our Goals by Designing for Diversity.
• Maike Schansker, Chahira Nouira, United Nations University, Europe, Certification of Open Learning

Friday picks:
• Una Daly, OCW Consortium, James Glapa-Grossklag, College of the Canyons, Angela Secrest, Houston Community College District, The Importance of Openness to Community Colleges.
• Jacqui Cain, College of the Redwoods, Malissa Attebery, Lone Star College, Creating open courseware using SoftChalk. (preregistration required)

Don’t forget to check out the great videos and project tours submitted by our members about community college OER projects and open textbooks. From our community, I want to thank Judy Baker, Barbara Illowsky, Robin Donaldson, Tom Caswell, John Makevich, and James Glapa-Grossklag for their unique viewpoints on open education.

Full project video listing here.

Finally, CCCOER will be hosting an Open Education reception on Sunday afternoon, March 4th at the Innovations 2012 in Philadelphia. Cathy Casserly, CEO of Creative Commons will be joining us and we will be sharing information about a number of OER projects and how to become more active in open education.   We have also invited the Saylor Foundation and SoftChalk as reception co-sponsors. Please invite your colleagues at the conference to attend.


Open Education Week and Upcoming Events

January 23, 2012

With recent announcements and events happening this week and over the next few months, 2012 is shaping up to be an interesting OER year.  CCCOER Staff and board members will be involved in the following efforts and we invite you to join us.Open Education Week

Open Education Week March 5-10

March 5-10, 2012 has been named Open Education Week and is devoted to creating awareness of open education and its benefits worldwide.  Please consider contributing a short video, handouts, highlighting your college’s open educational projects.  Submit your participation or email us at by Jan. 31st.

Apple eBook Counter-Revolution

I’m sure no one missed the Apple announcement last Thursday and it has been a disappointment for many of us in the OER community.   Although Apple is offering its iBook Authoring tool for free, the output format is proprietary and content offered through the iBook 2 store will be subject to an exclusive licensing agreement between you the author and Apple.  Whether the exclusive license agreement applies to OER is still debatable but there does not appear to be an easy way to specify a Creative Commons license at this time.

Open Licensing for Educators Starts Today (January 23)

If you still have administrators and faculty who develop that glazed look when you mention Creative Commons and open licensing, there is a free online workshop being offered this week on Open Licensing for Educators. It is being facilitated by several well-known OER leaders including Cable Green, Director of Global Learning at Creative Commons; Wayne Mackintosh, Director of the OER Foundation; Jane Hornibrook, Public Lead, Creative Commons Aotearoa New Zealand.  It is going to be a fun and interactive way to learn about open licensing and make new online friends.

Open Online Math Homework System Webinar January 31st

Our first CCCOER webinar of 2012 Open Online Math Homework Systems will be presented by math instructors David Lippman of Pierce College and Philip Sousa of Phoenix College next Tuesday, January 31st at 10:00 am Pacific.  If you use online homework systems in your courses to help improve student learning, please tune in to find out more about an open online system where you can customize the questions for your courses.

Lest you think we are abandoning the humanities, February’s webinar will be on English composition featuring Dr. Joe Moxley and staff of the site and will take place Tuesday, February 28, at 10:00 am Pacific.   More details to follow here.

CCCOER Attending Conferences

CCCOER staff and board members will be attending educational conferences over the next few months and we want to meet up with members and share ideas in-person.   Please let us know if you will be attending any of the following:

  • eLearning Long Beach, CA Feb 19-22
  • ACCCA Long Beach, CA February 22-23
  • League of Innovation, Philadelphia, March 5-10
  • AACC Annual Meeting Orlando, FL, April 21-24
  • ACRL Iowa, May 25

Contact me, Una Daly, (email: unatdaly AT


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