Archives of Webinars 2014-2012

May 14       A Primer on Open Licenses and Intellectual Property

Archive and Slides Available

Apr 9           OER Impact Research Faculty and Student Voices

Archive and Slides Available

March 12     Celebrate Open Education Week 

Archives and Slides Available,  Boyoung Chae and Jen Klaudinyi

Archives and Slides Available   Natalie Clewell, Cynthia Alexander, and Paul Golisch

Archives and Slides Available   Donna Gaudet and Quill West

Feb 5            Open Textbook Publishing and Adoptions

Archive and Slides Available

Dec 11          California Community Colleges Share it Forward with CC-BY

Archive and Slides Available

Nov 13         Fostering Open Policies on Your Campus and Beyond

Archive and Slides Available

October 30         OER and Open Textbook Adoption and Sustainability

Archive and Slides Available

October 2            Libraries Lead the Way: Open Courses, OER, and Open Policy

Archive and Slides Available.

June 11               Competency-based Learning and OER

Archive and Slides Available.

April 30               Open Education, MOOCs, and Student Access

Archive and slides available.

March 26                OER Authoring Tools

Archive and slides available.

Mar 13, 2013         Community College OER Innovation Panel

Archive and slides available.

Mar 11, 2013           Designing OER with Diversity in Mind

Archive and slides available.

Feb 26, 2013            The Critical Role of Librarians in OER Adoption

Archive and slides available.

Jan 29, 2013             Using OER for Workforce Development

Archive and slides available.

Dec 4, 2012               OER Research: Student Impact and Faculty Feedback

Archive and slides available.

Nov 13, 2012              MOOCs: An Evolving Model of Curriculum Development and Assessment

Archive and slides available.

Oct 30, 2012              Supporting All of Our Students with Accessible OER

Archive and slides available.

Oct 9, 2012                OER Faculty Development: 3 Successful Models

Archive and slides available.

Sept 25, 2012            OER Adopter Communities: the Sustainability Factor in Open Education

Archive and slides now available.

Sept 11, 2012             Reduce Costs and Improve Outcomes with Open Textbooks

Archive and slides now available.

June 26, 2012           Faculty Perceptions and Pedagogical Considerations for OER

Archive and slides now available.

May 22, 2012            Public Speaking with the Open Course Library Developers

Archive and slides now available.

May 1, 2012              Finding and Selecting High Quality OER

Archive and slides now available.

March 27, 2012         Fostering OER-Friendly Policies on Your Campus

Archive and slides now available.

February 28, 2012     Writing Commons English Composition

Archive and slides now posted.

January 31, 2012       Open Online Math Homework Systems

Archive and slides now available.

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  1. [...] The popular Community College OCW Fall 2012 Webinars featuring  leaders and thinkers in open education with relevance to community college faculty, students, and administrators are now available on Youtube for your viewing pleasure.   Please select videos from the list below.   For slides, please visit the CCCOER Webinar Archive Page. [...]

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